Daniela is amazing. She got me in top shape for my wedding and I had a great time working with her! She keeps things fun and really cares about her clients. I have some back issues and she specifically tailored my sessions to address my issues. I highly recommend her to anyone!
— Natalie P. | La Jolla

Daniela is wonderful! I admire and appreciate her not just as a yoga instructor, but also as a lovely human being. She’s someone who takes her practice off the mat and it shows in all of her interactions with others. I completed my yoga teacher training through her program and I was impressed and humbled by her dedication, integrity, knowledge and openness. She’s got a lot of passion and she takes a personal interest in each student’s education.
— Rayna B. | San Diego

Daniela is an amazing person...an excellent yogini and a fantastic teacher! I know that is a number of superlatives but...it’s true! She even inspired me to kick my decades old Diet Pepsi habit...replaced it with tea! ;) I can’t speak highly enough about her positive outlook, her encouraging style of teaching and her warm heart.
— Melissa S. | La Jolla

Daniela is a truly guide and mentor. She explains the poses and their benefits in a very special way. I was totally tuned to her guidance the whole hour. If you are looking for a spiritual and workout experience you should definitely try to Daniela.”
— Carmencita A. | San Diego

Daniela’s yoga classes are so wonderful, I always leave feeling relaxed and accomplished. Her knowledge of alignment and philosophy are impressive - the way she weaves these aspects of the practice together makes her one of my favorite teachers!
— Judit S. | La Jolla

I appreciated that Daniela was able to condense and deliver the most pertinent pieces of information within the space of a few hours. I would definitely recommend any workshop with Daniela if you’re looking for an information-rich, educational, and professional experience to expand your yoga practice!
— Debbie L. | San Diego

I completed my 200hr YTT with Daniela. To say the experience was life changing is an understatement! Daniela provided an amazing curriculum including various styles of yoga, meditation, pranayama, ayurveda, learning about the chakras, creating yoga sequences, and everything was clearly well thought out and put together seamlessly. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything she chose to include in this program and brought us amazing co-teachers to teach us their specialties.

Her passion for creating amazing yoga teachers to share our beautiful practice with the world is obvious and MUCH appreciated! There are not MANY people like this one!
— Alisa T. | Buffalo

Daniela is an amazing Yoga teacher! She’s very talented, caring and helps students with compassion always. I’ve been taking yoga class over 10 years and tried lots of classes around San Diego, LA and my home country of Japan, but it’s hard to find a great teacher like her. Big Gratitude!!
— Aya O. | La Jolla